it’s been a while since my last post, but there’s a reason (i promise).

as you may know, this past year i’ve been seriously pursuing security as both a passion and possible career. it’s been a fun time learning and a not-so-fun time applying for jobs (i believe i might have applied to 300+ jobs – seriously). the great news is that i’ve finally got a job as a security researcher for trustwave’s spiderlabs.

i am beyond excited for this new opportunity, as well as a little nervous (but mostly excited). i’ve been recruited for the database security (DST) team, specifically because of my experience as a database developer, my extensive work with MS SQL Server, and my laziness that resulted in automating large chunks of my (old) job. through my education in the past year, i’ve also been exposed to postgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and more. it might have also helped that most of my team are also electrical engineering grads that are now almost completely detached from the field.

that said, i don’t think the future posts on this site will be rigidly database related. since we at spiderlabs get a “hackday” (a day devoted to researching any topic we like), i might be focused on writing posts related to whatever i’m working on at that moment. i’m also still studying for my eCPPT exam, though it had taken a backseat due to personal factors, so i will attempt to write more deeply about the topics in that course.

i’d just like to take this moment to thank whoever has been reading my ramblings, and i hope you’ve learned something from them. here’s to a more fulfilling year ahead!